To revive an almost abandoned domain in the crater of the only volcano of Provence, rich in 1800 years of history, is probably a form of madness that would try to reason. This is the party that our family took, almost twenty years ago.

To revive a vast agricultural starts by reviving  the earth. And if the earth has memory, it is not spiteful. Slowly, the vines produced beautiful grapes allowing us to hoist our wines to the best level, the almond plantation was reconstituted, the truffle was reborn.

To give life back is also to share an exceptional house which, since the beginning of the 17th century, had hardly undergone a transformation.

To share our passions, the wine, the almonds, the truffles, in the remarkable setting of such a beautiful place, is it not to make it live as it was thought, many centuries ago, as an experiment to share.

Pierre, Nicole and Bérengère GUENANT, the owners