Driving luxury hotel sales is a long journey.
Investing in a sales luxury global hotel sales representation company is keeping up with current trends while influencing the travel industry and maintaining a personal relationship with the top travel advisors.
It allows to garner additional exposure for your hotel and increase visibility through the use of innovative marketing techniques, social media coverage, and a personalized sales approach to reinforce your message and presence throughout the travel industry.

The rates for Heloise’s Choice services are based on the needs and the size of the hotels. Hotels will be able to choose the services they require on an à la carte basis if required. As each hotel has its own needs, Heloise’s Choice offers a personalized service that responds closely to those needs.
Your return on investment is our priority. Together, we are one team. We analyze your situation, we identify your needs, we propose adequate solutions to meet them, we implement them, and we analyze the commercial benefits.

Luxury hotel & villa sales are a long-term journey.
Heloise’s Choice does not work on a commission basis. Indeed, as to drive a reservation of 250€, 1 500€, 150 000€ to a property a lot of efforts from the entire team has to be put in place.

2 years before the opening of a property, Héloïse Choice starts his work to position the property. For hotels currently in operations or closed and re-opening in a few months, it is never too early to start promoting a hotel, but it can be too late to start sales activities when the hotel is opened.
Having a sales representation does not necessarily depend on one moment, the size or age of the hotel , it is a considerable visibility advantage that should not be overlooked.

Heloise’s Choice was born from the vision of a high-end tourism which brings together a multitude of professionals and a deep desire to accompany hoteliers and their destinations in the promotion of their brand, their history, and their experiences.
Selecting Heloise’s Choice for your hotel is the promise of working with the key luxuries OTA’s and the most relevant tour operators. Heloise’s Choice has been working for years with DMC’s in the key market feeders.
Our solid experience in the luxury hotel distribution sector has enabled us to build trusting relationships with a large network of partners.
Didier & Olivia Le Calvez have been working for more than 30 years with the main affiliations such as Virtuoso, Signature Travel, Traveller Made and from the hotel side with Leading hotels, Preferred hotels, Small Luxury Hotels…

Heloise’s Choice is also:

  • 36,000 luxury travel agencies clients met during the different careers of the team members
  • 6 000 VVIP direct end-clients that we assist to book the most luxurious hotels and villas in France and abroad
  • 2,500 direct VIP clients that we assist on their trips to the most luxurious establishments in the world
  • 1,500 business providers specialising in the organisation of events, training courses and the privatisation of spaces

Our database is established BASED on 30 years of professional experiences and of people met. Héloise’s Choice is a sign of credibility with important high-end and corporate agencies, OTA’s (online travel agency) and concierge companies.
Heloise’s Choice also has privileged partnerships with Fine Hotels & Resort American Express as well as consortia.
Heloise’s Choice has four representative offices promoting your establishment in Moscow, Sydney, Sao Paulo and New Delhi.